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5 Benefits of Your Brain on Smile

Her warm, sweet smile makes everyone around her smile too!

Her warm, sweet smile makes everyone around her smile too!

Whether you want to be happier, more productive, get more customers, cope with chronic illness or pain, give more smiling a chance!  The studies noted below included people with mood disorders, neurological disorders, stress, pain and others.  Since smiling is contagious, we must fill our house with smiling to create an environment where children thrive in skill and confidence!  We must smile at our husband and wife to bring about a more harmonious marriage!  When we feel like we may blow our top, it might be best to step away, smile for a few cycles of 5 seconds and then return to the dilemma.  A great way to force a smile, because the studies below demonstrate that even if the smile is fake it has a positive result on our brain/mood, is to hold a pencil in your teeth.  (

  1.  Smiling repetitively helps to interrupt mood disorders and strengthen the brain’s neural ability to maintain a positive outlook on life.  Buddhism incorporates smiling into their meditations and Thich Nhat Hanh worte, “If we are not able to smile, then the world will not have peace.”
  2. Smiles are neurologically contagious in every culture, and women and more susceptible than men.
  3. Smiling stimulates brain circuits that enhance social interactions, empathy, and mood.
  4. If you see a picture of a smiling face, you will involuntarily feel happier and more secure.
  5. Listening to “happy” music can stimulate a smile response and improve your mood, especially when you are dealing with a chronic serious disease.



  2. (Hanh T. Being Peace. Parallax Press, 1987)

August Newsletter

August Newsletter

August Newsletter


Welcoming you to visit the new page on my website!


Introducing Alison Weiner

Please welcome Alison Weiner. Ali will be joining Lamperti Counseling & Consultation for the summer as a Student Intern. In addition to being a high honors Psychology Major, Alison has studied abroad in Italy, raised over $5,000 for breast cancer awareness and worked with inmates in a high security prison. She brings skills of photo-journalism, computer systems, working with special needs, mentoring and children. We are very excited to have her for the summer!


No question about it…Family Movie Nights bring families together, and popcorn makes it really rock!

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Tracy Lamperti,

Becoming Equipped for the Very Important Task of Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

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Talking Beans

What are those?
Are those beans?
What are they for?
Can I touch them?

One can learn a lot about a child by watching them play. Play gives us a glimpse into the thought process, emotions, relationships and the way they organise and put things together. With beans, even a teenager or adult can “sort things out” with beans, sand and other materials.  Beans make a good medium for tea parties, hide and seek, play ground play, imaginative water, etc. In fact, beans can bring comfort to all ages. Children who don’t feel like they have a voice or have trouble sharing their thoughts and feelings often find themselves running their hands through the field of beans. The same goes for teenagers. Little ones, of course want to play with the beans, which provides a great opportunity to evaluate self-control, adherance to limits and their depth of imagination or level of organization.

Beans are awesome!

The video shown here represents a variety of bean benefits! An older adolescent, actually, a young adult, worked out many complicated issues in her sessions week after week while sorting beans. This person successfully sorted out ALL of the kidney beans, sorting on many levels!

It is so curious to children to come to their therapy session and notice that something has happened involving the beans. It gives children and teens a real sense of commonality with others as well as insight. They come to learn that some people think like they do and some think differently, and it’s all ok.

They learn that, while I may share something about the “beans,” I won’t “spill the beans.” They can trust that I will keep their confidence, just like I keep the confidence of the last “bean worker.” As you see in the video, a young person is re-mixing the kidney beans. This young person, being someone who really struggles with self-control and had been held back for weeks from mixing the beans that had been sorted out. We shared such a delightful moment when she was finally permitted to “mix!” Timing is so important, but relationship is more!

So the cycle will continue when many young people come in this week and discover the new state of the beans!

Tracy Lamperti, Psychotherapist, Educator, Consultant

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