Introducing Alison Weiner

Introducing Alison Weiner

Please welcome Alison Weiner. Ali will be joining Lamperti Counseling & Consultation for the summer as a Student Intern. In addition to being a high honors Psychology Major, Alison has studied abroad in Italy, raised over $5,000 for breast cancer awareness and worked with inmates in a high security prison. She brings skills of photo-journalism, computer systems, working with special needs, mentoring and children. We are very excited to have her for the summer!


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Tracy Lamperti,

What Do These Companies Have in Common?


Is it appropriate for a psychotherapist to let their clients or prospective clients know they are of one religion or another?

In fact, is it really even wise for a company that sells a product to make that information available?

“Still, it’s risky for brands to affiliate themselves with a religion directly.  Since it’s just a polarizing subject, it often opens companies up to  controversy.”  Read more:

By referring back to my original post, you can see what I think about that.

My husband recently told me about a news story he read about companies that are open about their Christian faith.  It got me thinking, “I can be open about my faith too! Right?”  Just 10 years ago, it posed a great business risk for me to let my colleagues know I was a Christian.

Given that I am no stranger to my profession, I wanted to share a few things about my faith/my psychotherapy-consultation practice and how they mix or don’t mix.  I am proud to say that I have a very good alliance with many local schools, medical offices, police/fire departments, courts, churches, etc…

Many professionals make referrals to me NOT knowing that I am a Christian.  In fact, I have only a small percentage of professionals who refer to me BECAUSE I am a Christian.

There may be some professionals or other adults who maybe have heard of me locally or through blogs like who, by CHANCE, or by researching a bit about me, learn that I am a Christian.  There are people who would then decide, “We aren’t looking for someone to talk to us about God.  Best to move on.”  Sometimes, many assumptions are made.  I’m sure that people move on when they see “Christian” in any association with my business.

I have worked with people for 3, 6, 9 months or longer who never talk with me about their faith or mine.  In these instances, besides asking generally if they have faith or are strengthened by any particular belief, it is not a topic that we discuss.  I am perfectly capable of carrying out my professional responsibilities without an aspect of faith.

On the other hand, there may be Christians who come to me, in part, because I am a Christian and they want to know, “Will all of my services be faith-based?  Will I pray with them?”  The answer is no, I do not practice faith-based counseling exclusively.  These services would be more appropriately served by a pastor or clergy.  I am merely a student of the Bible, not a theologian.  And the answer is yes, I will pray with you if you ask.  It would be very unlikely that I would suggest that we pray.

In no particular order….

  1. I am nothing more than anyone sitting on the couch across from me.  I possess professional counseling skills, training, experience and expertise that the other person may not possess, and I have worked to resolve some of my own issues, which qualifies me sit in my banana chair. (I love my yellow chair, but anyone who enters my office is welcome to sit there.  I like the couch also:-)  HUMILITY
  2. One quality of my professional approach is to be fairly straightforward.  I happen to be a very sensitive person.  I do not think I have it in me to hurt another person’s feelings on purpose (not that I haven’t ever hurt someone’s feelings).  I worry very much about people feeling bad, whether caused by me or nothing to do with me.  It could be said that some can be knocked over by a feather and others, it would take a freight train.  I have worked very hard and had very extensive experience in assessing whether my client is the feather type or freight train type.  I also have extensive experience with the timing of interventions.  Not all pieces of information can be heard at all times.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER. SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE.
  3. My most influential teacher, Cesareo Peleas (Le Grand David), whom I studied with for 2 years, who in addition to being a psychologist and professor was also a magician and whose mentor was Abraham Maslow – the famous Humanistic Psychotherapist, taught me, “Psychotherapy is, ‘Genuine Need Gratification.'”  If having a cup of coffee with your “client” meets a genuine need then you have done psychotherapy with them.  We are all human.  We all have the same basic human needs and instincts.  As a psychotherapist, I work to see what basic unmet needs are interfering with genuine fulfillment.  I am by no means comparing myself to Jesus, but with Jesus as our example, I will step on to any path that a person is on and walk with them, no matter the depth of pain or shame.  BROTHERHOOD
  4. Everyone has a gift.  Someone may have come for my services, but they have a gift. or many gifts that I don’t even know about.  I am the expert in the room, for what someone has come for help with, but in another arena, they would likely be the expert.  It’s my job to help tap into whatever resources the person may have.  GOD GIVEN GIFTS
  5. A great many of our problems are a result of our own choices and our selfish attempts to make ourselves feel good.  I know this because of my own self.  As the culture shifts and twists we lose focus.  Staying focused on a higher power or on a spiritual peace is one of the best ways to be grounded.  FOR ME, THAT FOCUS IS BIBLICAL TRUTHS.   There are many commonalities between Biblical Truths and the teachings of Jesus, with other beliefs.  It might come as a surprise that many phrases that we use in our culture some from the Holy Bible;

So when someone comes to me for my services, do I talk with them about God?  Not necessarily.  It would be unfair for me NOT to ask where a person draws their strength from.  If they draw it from the ways of the Buddha, wonderful.  I see many ways of peace through the teachings of the Buddha.  My faith is in the Lord, not Buddha.  But we still connect.  I am not Jewish, but the Christian shares the whole Old Testament with the Jew.  If your way is through the Wicca, so be it.  It is not my faith, however, I will not advise you of your faith or seek your conversion to my faith.  If your faith is very important to you, you wish to incorporate it with your psychotherapy goals and you have a different faith than I, it would be likely that you have researched and/or interviewed a variety of psychotherapists to find one in your faith community.

Cesareo Pelaez – My teacher in the early 1990s.

Screen-Free Week 2013

Tell me...Are you in?
Tell me…Are you in?

This Monday marks one week until the beginning of Screen-Free Week 2013!  Are you in?

As a practice run, I will be having a screen-free 24 hours.  Not my children, not my husband…Just ME!  Just to get me in the right mind-set for the next week.

After a harrowing week of constant bombardment of media following the tragic Boston Marathon bombing; the usual bombardment of other “screen” overstimulation, I am expecting that it will be refreshing to do a little cleansing in this regard, kind of like when I’ve been eating too much sugar and need to just cut it out for 24 hours.

Will you join me, this Monday and then the following week?  I hope so.

So if anyone needs to reach me, you’ll have to call:-) 774-722-5919


Join Me for an Awesome Experience!

Will you join me?

My good friend and colleague is providing a training on Focusing. website headshot 2009-1

“Focusing” is a way of deeply listening to yourself.  It bypasses the intellectual analyzing and taps into the wisdom in our body-mind.

This training isn’t just for professional counselors like me!  It is used by women and men in everyday life and professionals like counselors and pastors.  Anyone can benefit from focusing!  If you are stuck in an area of your life or looking to move beyond some issue that just gets repeated over and over again.  Learn the skill of focusing to be happier, healthier, more productive, in healthier relationships and a better parent!

I’m excited!  Will you join me?  Contact Carol Nickerson for more information.

Click here for more information.  Tools for Life

Invite Me

Photo by
Photo by

What’s this?  You didn’t know you could invite me to talk to your group of friends or colleagues, for FREE!

Yes, it’s true!  I am in my 25th year of practice and have set some ambitious goals to reach individuals with information about;

Child Sexual Abuse

Personal Safety

Sexual Integrity

For this entire year I will come to your group, at no charge (within a certain distance) and introduce or elaborate on a variety of topics, such as;

  • Grooming – How sexual predators “groom”/or condition children for abuse and silence.
  • Questions to ask of “Child Serving Organizations” to ensure to the best of your ability that the program is as safe as possible for children from sexual abuse.
  • Things to consider when taking your family out in public or on vacation to raise awareness of safety and protection.
  • Sending your child to school as a confident child who will resist negative influences, stand up against bullying and respect themself and others.
  • Building a family environment where media and electronics do not destroy.
  • Teaching youth the truth about relationships and how to protect their heart and health from myths and pressures of our sexualized culture.
  • and much, much, more!

What is your group interested in talking more about?

Contact me by phone, email, Facebook, twitter, linked in…….or any of these methods to ask me what I can do for your group, or tell me what your group needs.

Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve!

Tracy Lamperti


My New Blog

In my industry, many feel that we should be a blank slate, completely devoid of a life outside of the therapy room.  I once had a person comment about my family portrait on my desk.   “Kind of ‘out there’ to put a picture of your family where it can be seen by clients?”  Hmmm………interesting concept.

Since this is a blog, and my understanding is that blogs are a bit more on the personal side, I thought I would say a bit about me.  I believe that a therapist should conduct their work in a highly professional and confidential manner.  Some people “connect” and feel more comfortable knowing a bit about the therapist and their life.  I believe that if a person is going to divulge some of their deepest emotions and stories, the therapist should be somewhat transparent about who they are, while keeping with some clear boundaries.  If someone wants to know if I am married, I shouldn’t make that a big mystery.  If someone wants to know if I am a Christian, that shouldn’t be a big mystery either.  Others ONLY feel comfortable doing their personal work when they know that their life is completely separate from the therapist’s life and they aren’t going to run into their therapist at parent pick-up, or the Sunday service.  That needs to be thoroughly respected as well.  In this latter case, someone needs to know enough about the therapist to know IF they might run into their therapist around town.  Either way, the therapist needs to maintain appropriate professional boundaries AND respect the needs of the client or potential client.

I live on Cape Cod.  Cape Cod is a very small place and many people know each other.  I have two children, 7 and 12.  This fact has me often in the community, as I am very involved in their lives.  I am a Girl Scout Leader and I am very involved in our family’s church, which has me often meeting children who come for social events at our church.  I have worked most of my professional career on the Cape, which means I have met a lot of families, and…Cape Cod is a small place.  With all that said, I know my place and my boundaries and I should be considered like a “vault!”  The things I may know are locked up tight.  I hold confidentiality in the highest regard.  There are cases where I find myself in need of declining a referral either because personally it is too close or professionally it is too close.  There are other times when I accept the referral.  I weigh the matter on a case by case basis, always putting client/potential client interest first.

Here are some things about myself, that if anyone cares to know, I am happy to share.  I love my husband and our two children.  We have been together for 25+ years and I cherish each additional year.  Our son is an avid fisherman and our daughter is quite good artistically and currently learning to play the piano.  We chose to homeschool our children 8 years ago, for a variety of reasons, and NOT because of a religious reason.  Our son currently takes 3 online classes through an accredited school, and his classmates consist of other students his age that are in various parts of the world for various reasons.  The other classes he receives from his father and I.  Our daughter takes an 8 class curriculum all from the same company.  Her teachers are real live teachers who teach from a video.  Being in 2nd grade, I am side by side with her for much of it to help as needed.  I am the first to admit, there are pros and cons to homeschooling.  There are many benefits and rewards and also many challenges.  For those who are now concerned about our children socially……rest assured, we’ve got that covered:-)

My husband and I both have lived most of our lives on Cape Cod.  But surprise…we lived in the same town for years and never met, even though we knew people in common.  I’m a little proud to say that his mom has been the town clerk in our town for probably 30 or more years.  My family…my great grandmother was born in the town where I live now and my mom’s family owned the movie theater in Orleans (where CVS is now).

I have been passionately driven to help people, work with children, teach children, reduce suffering and counsel people since I was about 11 years old when I started as a mother’s helper.  As rotten things seemed to be happening to me, I found myself feeling compassion and being introspective about what troubling things must have gone on in that person’s life that they would do such a thing to me.  I know, very strange and probably not particularly helpful, to me anyway.  I remember my counselor as a teen saying once, “Interesting that you are thinking about them.  You’re very thoughtful.  Might make a good counselor yourself.”  Odd also that people often mistake me for Sara Connor (Linda Hamilton) of Terminator.   I guess I’m kind of complex.

In a crisis (not one involving myself – my husband is the rock there), I am rock solid.  As a trauma worker and former child protective worker, one could imagine I have seen some very serious and even dire circumstances of crisis.  I am very level-headed in times like this and I feel very confident to be able to sit with/work with both the victim and the offender (although a professional almost never works with both sides in a crisis).  I feel a lot of compassion for hurting people.

In my free time……..I love to garden and cook.  I enjoy a lot of other things as well but I am so busy in this season of my life that I try to contain it to these two things.  Otherwise, I tend to start too many things and become frustrated.  I very much love preparing good home cooked meals for my family and sitting down together with lit candles at the table.  My husband is the laugh machine of the family and can really get the children going.  I really appreciate him for this!  Dinners are always contained, pretty much…but sometimes they can get pretty crazy after the table is cleared, with dancing and laughing and a really unusual mix of tunes.  Oh, and we are a dessert family…homemade when possible.  We love the aroma of good food filling the house!  And yes, my love for scented candles comes right after my family.

I was raised in the Methodist church, however had close ties to the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  I think I always had a faith in God but without guidance or education I really didn’t know anything.  And of course, without guidance, education AND a desire to seek (anything, that is), one can’t really claim it as their own.  Both my husband and myself, on different journeys, not really knowing we had started on the same path, sought.  We sought and we found, the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.

So, now that I have confessed that, I must add…professionally, I see many clients where the topic of religion or Christianity is never brought up, by myself or the other.  I was trained as a psychotherapist, not as a Christian Counselor.  For those who come wishing to make their Christian faith part of their treatment process, I am able.  For those who are not, that is fine as well.  I see people who are of other faiths and those who are not sure about their faith, maybe having been raised in one faith, as I was, but not really understanding what that meant or not really identifying with it.  They are welcomed and free to help me understand how their faith directs their path or to seek their path during the psychotherapy process.

Sincerely written,


Hello world!

Psychotherapist, Educator, Consultant

Welcome to my blog!  This is my first ever blog and I look forward to your feedback.  I am a psychotherapist in private practice on Cape Cod and invite you to visit my website at  You can also visit me on my facebook page at!/pages/Lamperti-Counseling-Consultation/205305462892981.

I invite anyone to print useful information that I present on this blog but kindly request that my name and other information identifying me as the creator be left intact.  Likewise, if I present anything here that is not of my own, I will give credit to the originator.  Thank you for respecting my request.

Happy blogging!