I have been serving individuals and families of all ages for over 25 years and held numerous positions in the counseling and psychotherapy field over the  years. Knowing and keeping in touch with the community is of great importance to me and I have many close alliances with local medical professionals, schools, courts, lawyers, social service agencies, churches, other skilled psychotherapists and various parent groups.

For the last 18 years I have worked as a psychotherapist. In more recent years, I have branched out to offer education and consultation services in the areas of high conflict divorce, parenting issues, trauma, sexual abuse awareness and prevention, victim awareness, sexual integrity, and most recently, Etiquette for Young People.  This summer, I will travel to the Milton Erickson Foundation for continued training in the area of hypnotherapy.

I strive to provide the highest possible quality of services through continued training and research and confidential client feedback and surveys.  My services are strictly confidential.

I resides with my husband and two children and am blessed to have loving family members and friends nearby. My church home is the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in Brewster. I am currently enjoying my fourth year as a Girl Scout leader and my hobbies include; vegetable and flower gardening, cooking and baking and capturing family memories in photos.